Yūzuki Kiryū
Age 23
24 (as of Chapter 85)
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Birthday December 23rd[1][2]?
Blood Type A[3]
Relatives Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Mikazuki Kiryū (sister)
Occupation Teacher (Current)
Clothing Store Clerk (Previous)
Manga Debut Vol. 4, Ch. 21
Anime Debut Ep 1, OVA 6
Voiced By Asami Imai
Yūzuki Kiryū (桐生 夕月, Kiryū Yūzuki) is a 24 year old, new teacher to Gakusoku Senior High. In the anime she is Ako and Riko's homeroom teacher, and later becomes Keita and Miharu's homeroom teacher.


Yuzuki has long light orange hair and brown eyes. She is one of two characters with the biggest busts in the series. In school, she wears her uniform, meanwhile when she is not working, she wears a normal attire. Yuzuki's uniform consists of a set of a beige colored western suit. 


Yuzuki is a very caring and responsible teacher. While she constantly berates herself whenever she makes mistakes, she can lay down a law when she wants (However, the law she lays tends to get herself and others into trouble when she jumps to conclusions). 

Yuzuki is very impulsive too. One example is when she did not realize that Ako, Riko and Keita are step-siblings, not biological siblings, and spent her time lecturing about incest to Keita, until they explained their relationship to her. Yuzuki can easily gets worried about unlogical things, such as when she believes that Keita is a deviant who dates multiple girls while having an incestuous relationship with his sisters. Besides that, Yuzuki becomes excited by her exaggerated ideas of what he and his sisters do at home or with other girls. Through these beliefs, she tries to recruit Miharu, believing she is one of the girls Keita is dating, to have them go on a date to separate him from his sisters. 


Mikazuki Kiryū - To be Added

Keita Suminoe - Due to a few misunderstandings she initially thought badly of Keita. It wasn't long until Yūzuki found herself attracted to Keita, caused being in bed with him bare-chested. After another misunderstanding at the summer festival Yūzuki finally realized and accepted her attraction to Keita which, unbeknownst to her, Keita also felt. During the typhoon she receives first kiss from Keita, and possibly was willing to be intimate with him had the blackout not ended. She easily gets embarrassed anytime he says he loves her. After inviting her on a date at school, Keita asked Yūzuki out and the two have officially become a couple. They continuously fantasize about each other; however, Yūzuki worries that she isn't satisfying enough for Keita. Yūzuki also plans to have sex with him in the future. Yūzuki is very much in love with Keita and like his sisters is very childish around him, she also has no intention of losing him to either of his sisters. However in chapter 112 she has officially broke up with Keita. In Chapter 124, after she discovered that Miharu was swallowing Keita's meat stick under the table, Yuzuki became a little jealous and tries to pretend an eggplant is his appendage, despite the fact it was too big and thick. She was then informed by her little sister that she was the only one not to see it

Miharu Mikuni - Yūzuki sees Miharu as a difficult obstacle due to the fact that Miharu Bust size is 5cm bigger than hers, despite being older than her. Later in chapter 124 when she noticed Minaru legs behind a desk as she anticipated that she is sucking on Keita's meat stick and became a little jealous as she hasn't done it yet, eating attempting to practice with an eggplant.

Riko Suminoe - To be Added

Ako Suminoe - To be Added

Mr. Suminoe - To be Added


To be added


  • Yūzuki is a virgin. 
  • In an earlier chapter, she was a clothing store clerk because she liked western style clothing.
  • She is a closet otaku.
  • She has both a growing pee and samurai fetishes.
  • She no longer lives with her parents because her mother claimed to disown her if she continued with her otaku ways.
  • Her love of cosplay causes her to spend so much money on otaku goods she usually ends having to survive on instant noodles. 
  • In the anime, she is the twins’ homeroom teacher while they’re still in the first year of high school.

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