• On July 1st, 2013, Wikia disabled anonymous editing on Wikis that cater to children. Details can be seen here. This is on the grounds that children 13 and under aren't supposed to contribute without parental permission. Wikia decided that the Kissxsis Wiki caters to children, and so has disabled anonymous editing on this wiki.

    We need reason why it does not cater to children, or should we just leave it locked to IP editors?

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    • Does this manga seems like its for children....

      But, seriously though, the whole premise and depiction of the manga itself should be reason enough of why it's not for children, and why this wikia does not cater to children.

      Although, most anonymous editors haven't been the most benevelont to this wiki.

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    • I suppose the images in Category:Censored that I had to censor and re-upload after they were deleted for ToU violations would be enough proof that it is not catered to children.

      As well as the fact that the anime or manga hasn't been released in English.

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    • A FANDOM user
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