Mrs. Suminoe
Mrs Suminoe
Age 38 (approx.)
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Birthday Unknown
Relatives Mr. Suminoe (husband)
Ako Suminoe (daughter)
Riko Suminoe (daughter)
Keita Suminoe (step-son)
Occupation Urevealed
Manga Debut Vol. 1, Ch. 0
Anime Debut Ep 1, OVA 0
Voiced By Tomoe Hanba

Mrs. Suminoe is Keita SuminoeAko Suminoe, and Riko Suminoe mother. She married Keita's father when Ako and Riko were still young.


Mrs. Suminoe appears to be a middle aged woman with brown hair and brown eyes.


She is a gentle woman who supports the romance between the siblings. She tends to make comments about how Keita and Ako look like a newlywed couple. Though she deeply loves her husband she has been known to get fed up with his antics and hit him from time to time. She and Mr. Suminoe engage in regular intercourse.


Mr. Suminoe -

Ako -

Riko -

Keita -



  • She loves her husbands back massages.
  • Ako and Riko may have inherited their perverted nature from their mother; it was Mrs. Suminoe who gave the siblings the idea for the tapioca swap game, after which she took the rest to her room with her husband.
  • She gave birth to Ako and Riko when she was 22.