Mr. Suminoe
Mr suminoe
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Eye Color Not Visible
Birthday Unknown
Relatives Mrs. Suminoe (wife)
Ako Suminoe (step-daughter)
Riko Suminoe (step-daughter)
Keita Suminoe (son)
Occupation Unrevealed
Manga Debut Vol. 1, Ch. 0
Anime Debut Ep 1, OVA 0
Voiced By Tomoyuki Shimura

Mr. Suminoe (住之江老爹) is Keita SuminoeAko Suminoe, and Riko Suminoe father. He married Ako and Riko's mother when Keita was still young, sometime after Keita's mother passed away.


Mr. Suminoe appears to be a middle aged man with black hair and glasses.


He is known to be eccentric when dealing with the siblings budding romantic feelings for each other. He encourages Keita to go for it with both sibling. He is an advocate of dating until one find their special someone, however; he is also an advocate of loyaty. He believes it is a man's job to let down anyone he does not plan on being with forever gently and that a man should never cheat on their significant other. He is deeply in love with his wife, Mrs. Suminoe as they still have regular intercourse. 


Keita -

Mrs. Suminoe -

Ako -

Riko -

Yūzuki -



  • His penis is shockingly large.
  • He is good at giving massages
  • He tends to take up for Riko when his wife talks to Ako about her progress with Keita.