Miharu Mikuni
Mikuni Miharu
Age 15
Gender Female
Eye Color Egyptian Blue
Birthday Unknown
Relatives Unnamed Mother
Kouki (Younger Brother)
Kenta (pet)
Occupation Student
Manga Debut Vol. 4, Ch. 18
Anime Debut Ep 1, OVA 6
Voiced By Yoriko Nagata

Miharu Mikuni (三国 美春, Mikuni Miharu) is a 15 year old, first-year high school student. 


Miharu has short, black hair (blue in the anime) and egyptian blue colored eyes. As she is short-sighted, she wears a pair of glasses. She is one of two characters with the biggest busts in the series, which even Keita notices when he first hugs her. 


Miharu is a fairly quiet character. However, unlike other girls, she is meek, comparatively tacit, intimidated and predisposed to anxiety. Miharu's relationship with Keita is mostly platonic, even though it is obvious she is attracted to him, even fantasizing about him raping her and experiencing an orgasm from him giving her a piggy back ride. She tries to keep her distance from Keita because of his sisters as well as her own inexperience around boys. People often mistake her being involved with Keita, and she will most of the time become caught in the cross fire of many of the twins’ antics (which she comments on in chapter 25).

Miharu is the only girl Keita gets nervous around, suggesting he might have feelings for her. She has a weak bladder and occasionally wets herself, usually in front of Keita, but he promises to keep those times secret. One time was when the school authorities accidentally locked them in the school gym where they were hiding from been found out by Ako and Riko and she needed to pee. She eventually peed on Keita, who was carrying her to help her escape from the gym window. 

When she returned Keita his acceptance letter Keita hugs her out of the blue, though this was mostly because of the relief he felt from being accepted after a whole day of stress from believing he was rejected. After that action, she has shown an attraction towards Keita, often blushing when they talk and feeling very comfortable when he hugs her, but overall states she has nothing to do with him.

Even though she does not go after him, Keita's sisters still see Miharu as a possible rival for his heart. After being informed by Ako and Riko that Keita appears to be in a relationship with Yūzuki, she has been looking at him with a clear indication that she might be realizing her feelings for him. 

She states she is more like her father, in regards to personality, rather than her mother and brother.


Keita Suminoe - She and "Suminoe-Kun", as she calls him, started off as strangers. The relationship between them has grown quite rapidly however, as she trusts Keita enough to keep the secret of her wetting herself and opens up to him about her anxiety when it comes to racing. Despite her growing attraction to him Miharu tries to deny her feelings even when all the evidence points otherwise: she and Keita almost kissing, her masturbating to the thought of Keita raping her, her cumming while being carried on his back, blushing when he offers to take her home, her asking Keita "to take responsibility" for seeing her without underwear, and grinning uncontrollably when she thinks about whether or not Keita masturbates to the thought of seeing her without underwear and that he was willing to take responsibility for seeing her like that. She also notes that being hugged by him felt comfortable and that he's her only male friend. She has recently come to terms with her attraction to him and now desires to be with him. At the end of Chapter 116 and the beginning of Chapter 117, Miharu shared a passionate kiss to Keita in front of the whole class. Then at Chapter 119, she decided to created her own Keita Dakimakura, with a can of hairspray as the final touch. In Chapter 123, both her and Keita officially became a couple. In Chapter 124, While under the table, Miharu began to swallowed Keita's male appendage as he is talking to Yuzuki. 

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  • Miharu suffers from enuresis, a bladder disease, which has become a running gag of the series.
  • In the anime she was a school librarian, while in the manga she is on the volleyball team with Riko.
  • She's the only character with a pet.
  • Miharu has a rape fetish.
  • She and Keita hug and almost kiss in the gym storage room in the manga, whereas in the anime Keita accidentally falls on top of her.
  • Miharu's role in the anime was greatly expanded as she was groped and otherwise molested by Keita for much of the story. In the manga she wasn't introduced until she returned Keita’s acceptance letter her dog Kenta had stolen.
  • A running gag in both the manga and anime is whenever Keita sees Miharu with or without her panties on, she beats him up.
  • According to Ditama Bow, Miharu's cup size is 87cm (F-cup). Yūzuki noted that Miharu has a bigger bust size than hers, at 82cm.

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