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After All!? The Eventful Home Visit
Episode Information
Air date February 6, 2013
Written by Katsumi Hasegawa
Directed by Munenori Nawa
Kanji やっぱり!?波乱の家庭訪問
Romanji Yappari!? Haran no Kateihōmon
Animated by Feel
Adapted from Chapter 36
Opening Theme Our Honey Boy
Ending Theme Starry Sky Story
Episode guide
Previous Episode → OVA 7
Next Episode → OVA 9


Kiryū-sensei goes to do a home visit to the Suminoe household. When she finds out Keita is home alone. His parents are working and his sisters are on a student council committee event.



Unanswered Questions

Memorable Moments

  • Yūzuki calls Keita "Keita-kun" for the first time.

Anime and Manga Differences


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