Engrossed in Bewilderment
Episode Information
Air date June 22, 2011
Written by Katsumi Hasegawa
Directed by Munenori Nawa
Kanji 五里霧中でむちゅむちゅ
Romanji Gorimuchū de Muchumuchu
Animated by Feel
Adapted from Chapter 9
Opening Theme Our Honey Boy
Ending Theme Starry Sky Story
Episode guide
Previous Episode → OVA 4
Next Episode → OVA 6


The Suminoe family stay in and this caused some tension between the kids and the parents. With some weird noise coming from their parents room, they imagine that something ecchi is going on.

They want to hide from the dad, making matters even worst between them having to end up on each other's crotch.



Unanswered Questions

Memorable Moments

Anime and Manga Differences

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