Title - Ichi, Ni no, San Pī! (いち、にの、3P!) - One, Two, Threesome!

Date -  21st June 2010

Previous Episode → 11

Synopsis After Keita's graduation, Ako and Riko arrive to find they were too late to get the second, or any button, off of Keita's blazer. They decide, against Keita's will, to hold a draw for consolation prizes from Keita, with Ako, Riko, Mikazuki and Miharu as participants. Ako's plan backfires and she ends up getting Keita's shirt collar. Mikazuki wins the opportunity for Keita to flip her skirt, although Kieta is unaware that she wasn't wearing any underwear. Riko wins a chance to kiss Keita in front of everyone, but is too embarrassed to do it. Miharu gets the remaining prize, to spend five minutes in the equipment room alone with Keita to do anything. Keita simply uses the time to thank Miharu, but after a slip up, they end up in a compromising position, leading Ako and Riko to assume the worst. Later that night while Keita goes to sleep, Ako and Riko make a move on him, though this just gives Keita weird dreams. As he unconsciously grabs his jacket, a button he had been saving for them falls out, and they decide to leave him alone for the night. As the new semester starts, Keita walks hand in hand with Ako and Riko to high school together.

Adapted From

Chapter 19



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"easter eggs"

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