Title - Tōtō Honban (とうとう本番!) - At Last, the Real Thing!

Date - June 7, 2010

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Keita becomes ill before the big exams, and Ako and Riko step up to the mark by getting out of school and making Keita feel better by nursing him back to health. However, a slow recovery is the last thing Keita wants as his two stepsisters fight for the place closest to his heart. Both of them end up licking the sweat off his body, which passes the cold over to them while Keita makes a full recovery. Yūzuki, who proctors the exam, is surprised to find Keita there. While Keita takes his exams, Ako and Riko remember how Keita was there for them when they were taking their exams. After returning from his exams, Keita gives his thanks to a "sleeping" Ako and Riko, who are surprised about it once he leaves.

Adapted From

Chapter 13,14



Difference between manga and anime is the exams are scheduled by Kiryu Sensei in anime while in manga the exams are scheduled by unknown professor.

Cultural References

"easter eggs"

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