Title - "Koibito no Shikaku"(恋人の資格) - Qualifications of a Lover

Date - April 26, 2010

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While Keita studies at school, Ako and Riko reminisce on when they started going to junior high, the first time they were apart from Keita. When they watched Keita perform athletics, they fell in love with him. Meanwhile, their teacher, Yūzuki Kiryū, eavesdrops on their discussions and begins to worry about what is going on with them. After studying, Keita runs into Ako and Riko at the shrine, where they were praying for his success. He remembers when he was young and prayed to marry both Ako and Riko, only to be told by his father that polygamy is illegal. Keita makes his wish and the three return together.

Adapted From

Chapter 4 and Chapter 5



Cultural References

"easter eggs"

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