Can't Stay Pure
Kissxsis Manga Chapter 069
Chapter Info
Volume: Volume 12
Chapter: 69
Total Pages: 16
Release Date: November 6, 2013
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Short Summary

Keita masturbates to fantasies of the girls in his life.

Long Summary

Keita and Yuzuki are at a Samurai Love Hotel where Yuzki is on top of Keita as she said that her first time felt great. As he apologize for messing up her name, Yuzki said it's too late for sorry and plans to make him releash his stuff on to her. As she wiggle her butt on him, Keita attempts to hold it as but as she shared a kiss with him, she instead release her stuff on him.

Later it was revealed to be Keita just pleasuring himself in his room. He explain that he's happy that tonight the night that Ako and Riko doesn't brust into his room, as he was tired of pleasuring himself with his magazines.

He then tries to do it again, this time he had the idea of thinking of Mikazuki, who is a one piece swimsuit but then he decide not to do it as she said she wants to and thinks it because what happen with her sister the last time and Keita said he can also get in trouble with the law. As Keita decide to erase the idea (with Mikazuki begging to not to do it) he then decide to think of Mikuni.

In this idea, Keita has his meat stick between Mikuni's big breasts as he is rubbing between them, attempting to releash his stuff on her, which unfortunately only a small but came out and landed on her Glasses. Mikuni then pushed him down on his back, then sucked on his meat stick. Afterwards she walked over him and release her stuff on his face.


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  • Different in the Manga/Anime
    • In the Manga Keita and Kiryuu are at a Samurai Love Hotel while in the Anime both are in her apartment and she gave him a headbutt to the head after saying "it felt good"
    • In the Manga, Both him and Miharu are wearing nothing but socks and sneakers and alone at the equipment closet in school, While in the anime both are at her room and Keita is wearing boxers whilr Miharu is completely naked.