Let's Free the tea
Kissxsis Manga Chapter 025
Chapter Info
Volume: Volume 05
Chapter: 25
Total Pages: 29
Release Date: November 11, 2009
Anime: Kissxsis Episode 07
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Short Summary

Yūzuki is contemplating on why Miharu refused to help her stop Keita from being with his sisters. Her thoughts eventually devolve into a scenario where Keita and Miharu had intercourse in the closet they were locked in previously. Later, Yūzuki meets Ako and Riko in the bathroom where she learns, much to her surprise that Keita has no blood relation to either of his sisters. She then tries to change to subject that Keita is responsible for not stopping what she thinks is overly mature advances by his sisters, which results in her getting drenched in water by Ako and Riko, with Yūzuki's retaliation resulting in them both being drenched as well. Riko, who heard a sneeze in a stall drenches the person in it as well who turns out to be Miharu. Deciding to hold off on their conflict until they can get some dry clothes, Ako calls Keita to get them a change of clothes. Yūzuki gets a change of clothes but refuses to wear them resulting in her wearing Keita's gym clothes for the rest of the day.

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Memorial Moments

  • Yūzuki accidentally reveals she is a virgin; she mentioned she has never been penetrated.