Facing like West Dogs
Kissxsis Manga Chapter 024
Chapter Info
Volume: Volume 05
Chapter: 24
Total Pages: 28
Release Date: November 11, 2009
Anime: Kissxsis Episode 05
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As Keita gets ready to get back into bed, he starts to think about how he can't seem to stop kissing his sisters even though he made the rule about them not kissing. As he finds both his sisters in his bed he decides to literally sleep on thme as he is too tired to care. As school ends the next day Kiriyuu tries to get Mikuni and Keita to date each other as she sees Mikuni as the only one who can "save" Keita from his taboo relationship with his sisters. Before the conversation can go much further they are interrupted by Ako and Riko looking for Keita. To make sure her plans are not found out, she hides both Keita and Mikuni in a closet before she gets taken away by another teacher for a teachers meeting. As Keita realizes they are both locked in the closet, Mizuni reveals she has to go to the bathroom and she is at her limit. Keita is able to bust open the door just as Mizuni wets herself. Much to her amazement Keita gets a bucket and towel and starts cleaning up Mizuni's mess, she then decides to take her wet panty off and starts beating Keita when she catches him smelling his hand which is drenched in her urine. As they aproach her home Mizuni thanks Keita for walking her home, as she crouches down to pet her dog, she realizes that she forgot she isn't wearing any panties and has accidently given Keita a full view of her genital. Later, Ako and Riko finds Keita who is turned away from them, as they turn him around they see that his face is massively disfigured from Mizuni's beating.

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