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Kissxsis Manga Chapter 018
Chapter Info
Volume: Volume 04
Chapter: 18
Total Pages: 28
Release Date: May 22, 2009
Anime: Kissxsis Episode 11
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Short Summary

All the Suminoe kids are anxiously waiting for the arrival of Keita's exam results. When their mother tries to calm them down Ako and Riko inadvertently says a comment that makes mention of the mom's age which brings them the intense gaze of the mother. Outside the postman arrives with the Keita's exam results but Miharu's dog makes the postman leave in a hurry and drops the results. The dog then picks up the papers and runs off with it with Keita seconds too late and assumes it was his imagination. As time goes on the siblings start to worry about the possibility that Keita may have failed and when his friends call him wondering if he got his results since they got theirs, Keita starts to believe he has failed. As he lay in his room he goes over the time he had with his sisters and accepts that if he failed then it would be alright with sisters like his. Then, as Keita is sleeping the door bell rings and he goes to find Miharu there with his exam papers and apologizing for her dog taking it. When Keita opens he finds that he have passed and hugs Miharu out of happiness, which he quickly apologizes for but his sisters has seen his actions and are quite displeased. As they hug in happiness Keita exclaims that shall no longer kiss in or out of school much to the surprise of the sisters.

Long Summary


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New Characters

Toda Edogawa - Keita's best friend and one of the few guys he associates with. He is hopelessly infatuated with Keita's twins sister, along with the other guys of Keita's class.

Miharu Mikuni - A teenage girl of Keita's grade, she meets him in order to return the exam results that her dog had stolen. She also tested into Tamahide High School.

Kenta - Miharu's pet dog, he stole the exam results and was the cause of all the grief the Suminoe siblings suffered that day.

Unanswered Questions

Memorial Moments

  • Mrs. Suminoe notes that she gave birth to the twins when she was 22.


  • This is the first chapter of the fourth volume.
  • While Toda appeared in Chapter 0, this is the first chapter where his name is given.