Under One Roof
Kissxsis Manga Chapter 001
Chapter Info
Volume: Volume 01
Chapter: 1
Total Pages: 30
Release Date: September 6, 2007
Anime: Kissxsis OVA 1
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Short Summary

Keita is woken up from his sleep by a kiss from Ako, who then quicky discovers that Riko is sleeping next to Keita. Riko was going to wake up Keita first but then decided to just sleep with him. Keita then goes off to school but not before hearing the news that his sisters' confessions have reached the neighborhood and the neighbors are having a bet to see if he will end up with Riko or Ako. Due to his studies and his sisters, Keita has a hard time staying awake in class and ends up twisting his hand by catching a punch thrown at him by the P.E teacher, who was hinting of Keita's relationship with his sisters, after Keita called him rotten. When he gets home and tries to take a bath; his sisters come in to try to help him since he can't wash himself, Riko comes in naked while Ako comes in with a swimsuit. Keita tries to leave since his sisters won't however, he ends up slipping into a compromising position with his sisters and further injuring his hand.

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